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What is DMLT TransporTraxx?

DMLT TransporTraxx is a complete computerized field trip and sports event transportation management and tracking system specifically designed for school districts of all sizes.

For field trips, sports events, and other school activities where busses are required for transportation, DMLT TransporTraxx helps coordinate all aspects of your school districtís organizational and reporting needs. Through its easy to use, web-based interface, authorized users can enter, review, and process information required to

  • arrange transportation for field trips, sports events or other school activities,
  • manage detailed driver and bus assignments,
  • calculate associated costs and report them to the finance department, and
  • access historical reports of past activities.

What does the program do?

DMLT TransporTraxx provides a centralized information and communications source for all departments involved in planning logistical needs for off-campus school activities.

Harnessing the power of the Internet, DMLT TransporTraxx enables your districtís transportation department to receive requests for transportation, obtain approval if required, assign vehicles and drivers, print out necessary forms, provide the cafeteria with relevant information for planning lunches, and transmit completed trip information to the finance department for settlement.

DMLT TransporTraxx maintains a database of all trip requests, scheduled and completed trips, detailed information on vehicles and drivers, mileage and fuel expenditures, and more.

With its built-in reporting capabilities, Superintendents, Principals, and Transportation Directors can access, within seconds, a wide range of analytical reports that, if they relied on paper records, would take hours to assemble.

Authorized users can access the program from any Internet-enabled computer workstation, any time of day or night.

Who uses DMLT TransporTraxx?

DMLT TransporTraxx provides a simple, easy to use, web-based interface for authorized users to enter, retrieve, and process field trip related information.  DMLT TransporTraxx has modules for:

  • School principals (or designated personnel), who use DMLT TransporTraxx to request transportation for an off-campus school activity.
  • Transportation Department personnel, who receive and review requests for transportation, assign vehicles and drivers, print forms for drivers, and enter information from completed driver forms.
  • School district superintendents, who review requests if their approval is required.
  • Cafeteria supervisors, who retrieve meal planning information.
  • Finance personnel, who retrieve completed trip information for billing and payment of expenses.
  • Superintendents, principals, and transportation managers, who access analytical reports of past activities.

How the program works:

DMLT TransporTraxx works through the Internet, using easy web-based forms and familiar, web-style controls to store, retrieve, collate and process information.


All information is updated by the system instantly, so those with access to it will always have current information on the status of a trip request. The program filters information, so users will not have to sort through unrelated information. In a Trip Review, for example, Principals see only requests they have submitted. Superintendents receive only those requests that require their approval. Finance clerks see only completed trips, and so on.

The best way to appreciate the power and simplicity of DMLT TransporTraxx is to see it in operation. After a brief introduction to the log-in screen, we will parallel the general sequence of a transportation request as it passes through the system.

User permissions can be adjusted as required for each user of the system, depending on his responsibilities.

Typically, Transportation Department personnel would be assigned unlimited permissions to access and modify all information in the system. 

A School Principal (or his agent) would be assigned permissions that enable him to request a new trip or review the trips he has submitted, but not make changes to a trip's status.

Others, such as the Cafeteria Supervisor or Finance Clerk, might be assigned permissions to view, but not enter or modify, any program information.

Login: All users must log in using a uniquely assigned user name and password.

Each user will have been assigned specific permissions to enter, view, and/or change information in the system, and will have access only to those areas of the program for which he has permissions. Because program permissions are assigned on a per user basis, the program is easily adapted to your district's specific needs.  The following describes a typical implementation:

Trip Request: The trip request form is available to school principals, their designated agents, and transportation department personnel. It facilitates the entry of all trip related information- date, destination, number of students, and so on.

When a trip request has been submitted, it automatically is assigned a unique tracking number, marked NEW, and sent to the Transportation Department.

Transportation Department: The Transportation Director (or designated agent) receives and reviews the new transportation trip request. He can cancel the request, pend it for further review, or assign busses and drivers, at which point the program presents the request as approved and necessary forms are printed. 

Cafeteria: Upon notification, designated cafeteria personnel can retrieve information for preparing box lunches or adjusting meal plans to account for students who will not be using the lunchroom.

Drivers: Drivers receive printed forms from the transportation department, fill them out with pre-trip inspection data, trip-related hours, mileage, fuel costs, and so on. When the trip is completed, they return the forms to the transportation department.

Transportation Department: The Transportation Department receives completed forms from drivers and enters information (hours, mileage, fuel costs, etc.) back into the DMLT TransporTraxx system.  Sample Driver Trip Slip & Data Entry Form...

Finance Department: The program provides the Finance Department with a completed trip financial summary to help calculate driver compensation, fuel reimbursement, billing, and so on.  Sample Financial Summary...

Management Personnel: Principals, Transportation Directors, Superintendents, and other authorized personnel have instant access to a variety of up-to-date reports compiled from the wealth of information stored in the DMLT TransporTraxx database.  Sample Management Reports...


Streamlined communications, instant system updates...

DMLT TransporTraxx helps to reduce the amount of cumbersome paperwork required, the time required to process the information, and the effort of compiling statistical reports. Even invoicing can be done electronically.

Information entered in the DMLT TransporTraxx system is updated in real-time, so the status of any trip request is instantly available to those with a need to know. The system is designed to facilitate streamlined communications between department representatives, as well as to maintain an up to the minute record of driver and vehicle availability for any given day.


Reporting at your fingertips...

DMLT TransporTraxx stores a wealth of transportation and trip-related information, and its built-in reporting capabilities help make sense of it.

In addition to specific trip-related information, DMLT TransporTraxx also maintains driver-related information, such as license and medical check-up status, and trip assignment history.

Management personnel, including Principals, Transportation Directors, and Superintendents have ready access to a wide variety of statistical and historical reports.  Over time, your district will build a substantial base of knowledge- information that can help to make management decisions.  Aside from the wide range of built-in reports, DMLT TransporTraxx data is easy to transfer to spreadsheets for additional analysis.


No installation, minimal training required...

DMLT TransporTraxx is an Internet-based system, with nothing required to be installed on your computers. It has been carefully designed to be extremely easy to learn and use, minimizing training time and effort.


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